RoboSpine Spinal Dekompresyon Cihazı

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RoboSpine Spinal Dekompresyon Cihazı

ROBOSPINE offers a high-tech alternative to a surgical intervention. It helps to get rid of scoliosis, protrusions, spinal hernias, degenerative disc changes, and speeds up postoperative recovery. It uses pre-defined decompression programs to restore your spine without pain, surgery or invasive procedures.

ROBOSPINE by McBROTHERS is designed to carry out spinal decompression using gentle mechanical forces. Local stretching of the spine bones creates a negative pressure that promotes retraction of bulging, protruded or herniated discs, thereby relieving pressure on a compressed nerve root and restoring the normal condition of spinal discs.
The spinal decompression therapy is different from the standard traction method because of its improved functionality and the patient’s body position. The decompression system is designed to gradually and gently increase the force applied to the spine, keeping the patient's body relaxed, and thus preventing the protective reaction of the muscles with no need to use a lot of stretching weight to achieve the desired effect.
The decompression therapy aims to improve blood circulation and cure the injured or degenerated spinal discs. This treatment activates the natural healing processes and helps to restore natural biomechanical interaction between the spinal bones.
With precise and safe motorized impact on the spine, the McBROTHERS ROBOSPINE system achieves the following results without any surgical intervention:
  • Pressure is removed from a pinched nerve root
  • Strain and pains are relieved in case of rheumatism, spinal stenosis, kyphosis, scoliosis, spinal disc herniation, facet and myofascial pain syndromes
  • Muscle spasms and intradiscal pressure are reduced
  • Subluxation of facet joints is corrected
  • Vertical size of the foraminal opening is increased
Moreover, this technology is a key element in non-surgical treatment of vertebral pain syndromes.


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